Logitech G920 Reviews: Best PS4 Steering Wheel

Logitech G920Logitech G920 Dual Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing wheel with responsive Pedals for Xbox One is one of the best Steering Wheels for hard-core racing or simulation games fans. Manufactured by the most trusted gaming brand in the world and built with fine quality this wheel is very durable and comes with variety of features. This wheel comes with responsive pedals to make your simulation even more entertaining and better.

Know Pros & Cons


  1. Manufactured by the trusted brand of Logitech.
  2. Special breaks and pedals provide realistic feel.
  3. Durable product with hand finishing providing great build quality.
  4. Perfect placement of the buttons for proper navigation.
  5. 900 degrees of wheel rotation.
  6. Amazing looks when compared to other products.


  1. This product does not have a headphone jack.
  2. Shifter needs to be purchased separately.
  3. This product is a bit costly compared to competetors.
  4. Logitech G 920 has only 8 bit pedal resolution.

Feature #1- Buttons

The design of the Logitech G920 is very much inspired from the previous G27 manufactured by Logitech. The G920 is designed especially for the Xbox and also supports the Windows Pc. The buttons on the wheel are a great add on to the previous models of the wheel. This wheel from Logitech features more than six small red colour buttons on the wheel which are very easy to access as you place your thumb near the buttons. On the left of the wheel is a D pad that is useful for navigation. On the other side the usual Xbox A, B, X and Y are placed for in game commands like the regular controller. Below the buttons is a Menu button and also a special right stick button that can be configured the way gamers want it to be. On the opposite side you will find a View button and a left stick that is pre-defined. At the bottom most point there is a exclusive Xbox button that can be assigned any function as required.

Feature #2-Pedals

The G920 from Logitech provides you with stainless steel pedal system that is almost identical in design to the previous gen of Logitech pedals. In this model very major changes were made to the brake pedal. Logitech stated that the performance of the fully pressure sensitive system of the break is mimicked by the smooth non-linear pedal of the break. This provides the break system much more accuracy and better response. This new mechanics has proved to provide a much more realistic feel while driving cars with high pedal force. All you need to do is mount the pedalĀ  unit to something so that it does not slide across on the floor and sit back and enjoy the perfectly simulated environment of your favourite racing car.

Feature #3-Software

As expected from Logitech that never stood back in the software, this software for the wheel looks great and has a very good interface. The image of the wheel or the pedals along with all the customizable parts is fully visible on the home screen. The customizable parts are specifically highlighted by blue color. You can create different profiles and the software allows you to make numerous adjustments and customizations. You can specifically configure the wheel for different games that you are willing to use it for. You can even change the sensitivity of the wheel and modify the buttons the way you want them to work. The pedals can also be modified but that is not recommended as it might spoil your experience.

Feature #4- Performance

As expected from Logitech the G920 provides a very realistic and very smooth driving experience. The Flappy paddles shifters provide great performance and are authentic. IF you never used a wheel this wheel might take some time to get used to but after that it will provide ou driving experience like never before. The front wheel physics used in G920 is up to the mark of Logitech ans the dual motors are very powerful and accurate.


The Logitech G920 has very easily accessible buttons and certainly makes the new gen simulation and racing games much more fun and easier. This wheel has very premium quality and amazing looks and can easily be called one of the best racing wheels of 2018.

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