Thrustmaster VG TMX Racing wheel Reviews

Thrustmaster VG TMX Racing wheel ReviewsThe Thrustmaster vg TMX is one of the official simulation wheel for Xbox that is also compatible with windows. Gamers can experience quality experience with the Force wheel and the three pedal thundermaster T3PA. This wheel is a great purchase fit for the listing in top racing gaming wheels due to its feedback and quality of the wheel.

Pros & cons


  1. The Thrustmaster vg TMX provide strong force feedback.
  2. Provides great experience with quality of the wheel.
  3. Wheel can rotate from 270 degree to 900 degree easily and smoothly .
  4. The button layout is very accurate.
  5. Thhis wheel is great for entry level simulation.


  1. Pedals do not match the wheel quality.
  2. Rotating the wheel can feel a little rough sometimes.
  3. The rim of the wheel cannot be taken out.
  4.  Allows to add on shifter and 3 pedal set.

Bottom line

Thrustmaster TMX pro racing wheel is one of the most ultimate gaming wheels that provide you the best force feedback and best response to improve you experience. It has great build quality and features the special 3 pedal setup that is accurate enough for any simulated games or realistic gaming experience.

With all these features this product is one of the best racing wheel is the market of 2018.

Feature#1 Force feedback

The Thrustmaster VG TMX Racing wheel provides force feedback by using the hybrid belt and gear feedback special engine. This wheel is shooth and provides more premium feels by the help of pure belt-driver along with the professional feel of the pure gear system. This wheel uses 12 bit sensors which can sense the difference up to 4096 different wheel positions. The pedals use a mechanism with 10 bit sensors to since 1024 different pressure levels. This results in the realistic and very impressive experience by the wheel. The level of detail is extraordinary and excellent modification to the Thrustmaster. You can just rumble over and take a corner and the wheel will provide perfect sensation that you will be thrilled to feel.

Feature#2 Wheel rim

The Thrustmaster TMX pro has a well-designed rim with great layout and perfect positioning. The layout is very accurate allowing you right thumb to easily access the buttons on the wheel. The wheel comes with a usual D pad on the left side of the rim. The usual A , B buttons are placed on the top right and the y and X buttons are located to the left so that you can easily reach out the buttons from either hand. At the bottom right and bottom left are the RB and LB buttons that can be customised very easily to perform any task you want. The D pad makes navigating through the menus easier and makes sure you don’t need to use your gamepad every now and then. The paddle shifters are very comfortable and make a nice click sound that is very satisfying and springs back afterwards.

Feature#3 Grip

The rim of the wheel is covered with full rubber grip so that you can hold the wheel through the force feedback without any bad positioning or slipping of hand. The rubber used is of extremely great quality and makes sure that your grip is maintained even after hours of use. The design and grip is made keeping in mind that you would want to one hand the wheel in times of simulation or playing racing games. Even with one hand it provides great grip due to the quality of rubber so that the force feedback does not provide any discomfort in the handling.

Feature#4 Progressive Brakes

The progressive brakes with the Thrustmaster TMX pro paddle simulate the actual feel of real breaks. In easier language the further you push the brakes the harder it is to press. This simulation might not be as good as professional or high end pedal systems but is definitely a great deal and gets the job done very accurately. The pedals are very responsive and you experience a push back right under your shoes while using to provide even more perfect simulation. The throttle pedal system is also a great feature and along with breaks and the pedals this provides the best simulation you can ask for and lets you feel the road.


The Thrustmaster vg TMX racing wheel offers the best simulation than any other wheel due to its force feedback, progressive breaks and throttle pedal. Every part in the set provides push back with accurate sensitivity so that you experience simulation like never before.


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