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The face is one of the most important features of humans as it is what people see the first time you set foot into a room, and in some cases, it sells your brand. Giving yourself a facial treatment is necessary and it is not gender-based.However, it is very difficult to find a professional who is good at giving facial services, especially if you’re picky when it comes to your facial care.Finding someone who is trustworthy, and who knows the right product to use on your type of skin is one thing to take note of. Many facial products have their uses on various skin types and this is why you should try out theĀ facial services in Cincinnati, OH now.

Clear your doubts and your skin blemish by employing their services.When trying out a facial treatment, you should do well to mention your skin type if you know it to those in charge of your face but, a professional would notice your skin type and work with it.

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Facial skin types include:

  • Normal facial skin

This refers to skin that is not too oily nor too dry, a balanced type of facial skin generally referred to as endermic.

  • Oily skin

This refers to the facial skin type that has an increased secretion of sebum, an oily substance produced by the sebaceous gland.

  • Dry skin

This refers to the facial skin type that compared to oily skin has a lesser creation of sebum thus making the skin dry.

  • Combination skin

This refers to the skin type that does not have one major type of facial skin but all types.

  • Sensitive skin

This is the type of facial skin that easily reacts to external stimuli. It is a very fragile type of skin and requires a specific kind of care and treatment.

All these types of skin have their respective facial product.

So many things happen when you do not take good care of your facial skin, they are:

  • Skin breakouts
  • Visible signs of ageing
  • Pores may become enlarged
  • Skin dehydration
  • Dull skin tone texture

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