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Verandas And Sheds…Here’s An Extra Room To You!!


We told you it wouldn’t end here, and now we’ll try to close the circle.

In this article we will definitively conclude our guide for the terrace , or at least for its coverage , so as to be able to offer you a complete manual to follow in case you decide to actually do it.

As mentioned in the previous chapter, there are various ways to cover your terrace but, depending on the type, you need to request different authorizations from your Municipality. This time we will deal with those defined as “ fixed” covers”, i.e. non-removable, which could imply a change in the volume, elevations or surface of the building. For the construction of these structures it is necessary to request the building permit , and in some cases the DIA  (denunciation of start of activity) and/or the positive opinion of the condominium assembly. We must be careful, since any construction in the absence of the aforementioned building permits patio enclosures in Sacramento, CA

Fixed bamboo canopy

They can be considered outdoor furnishing elements , with the dual function of protection from atmospheric agents and a relaxation area where you can spend your free time with friends, family and children. The terrace is no longer a border of our apartment but becomes part of it, an important part, a real business card to show to our guests. Being a fixed work to all intents and purposes, it requires a project and specific checks by a technician in the sector, the building permit and sometimes the Dia and the condominium clearance. Furthermore, the minimum distance from the other buildings must also be taken into account in the design phase.

The choice of type and materials is functional and aesthetic at the same time, depending on personal needs and the available budget.

Among the many models available on the market, we can identify two well-defined types to choose from: fixed and sliding canopies . The former are essential for those who want to use the terrace in all seasons, incorporating it into a larger design . Sliding or retractable canopies , on the other hand, can be operated mechanically or by hand, and allow you to choose the right time to cover the surface based on the time of year.

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