Best Gaming Chair:[Racing Vs Ergonomic Vs PC] Ultimate Guide 2018

Passionate gamers who sit for long hours gaming require the best equipment in order to get the best results. While having the best computers and gaming accessories along with top class tables to support it, gamers often ignore having a comfortable chair to sit on while gaming. A comfortable chair ensures that the gamer suffers from no sorts of aches, sores, and discomfort, which would otherwise be a distraction.

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style High-back Faux Leather Office Chair Computer Desk Chair Executive and Ergonomic Style Swivel Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support (White)

This Holmall gaming chair is the best in the market. It is ideal for gaming experts. It provides high comfort and enables the gamer to sit for long hours with signs of discomfort. The extended long back of this chair provides required support to the shoulders, neck, and head. The high quality of PU leather used as well as its ergonomic design adds to the comfort factors that the chair provides. Dimension wise the back measures 22.5 inches in length and 30.5 inches in width. The seat measures 19.8 inches in length and 20.5 inches in width. Installed in the chair is a gas spring cylinder that that makes the height of the seat adjustable to between 17.3 inches and 21.5 inches. The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. The chair requires assembly. It is easy to assemble and takes not more than half an hour to put together.


  • The lumbar cushion and headrest are made with high-density foam and covered with resilient and durable PU leather. It is framed within a 1.8mm thick anti-oxidant steel frame
  • The Homall chair is capable of reclining between 90 degrees and 180 degrees to suit the needs of all gamers
  • The chair also comes with a foot padding for enhanced comfort
  • Smooth-rolling caster wheels make for ease of movement and convenience mobility.
  • The upgraded configuration of the gas lift allows for height variation of the chair, supporting a heavyweight
  • The seat of the Homall chair is a 360-degree swivel seat
  • A five-star base provides stability and is extremely sturdy
  • The chair can also be used as a rocking chair by using the knob under the seat.
  • The chair is designed keeps orthopedics and ergonomics in mind, creating an ideal final product
  • The Homall chairs are crafted to perfection and take the natural shape of the body.
  • The warranty policy lasts for one year. Potential problems like installation issues, damage, and mission parts are replaced or refunded within one month


  • The Homall chairs are slightly higher priced than other products of the same category that are available in the market
  • Though the chairs come with instruction manuals for assembling, assembling can cause inconvenience

Bottom line:

The Homall gaming chair is the best in the market that is created to perfection using the top class material. It also incorporates all the required features and comes with an extended warranty. Though high priced, it is proportional to the quality of the product. It’s value for money.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High-back PC Computer Chair With Headrest and Lumbar Massage Support Executive Office Chair (Red)

This gaming chair is one of the best on the market, with its racy design and classy use of color it would be a fabulous addition to anyone’s study. The Devoko chair will give you the feeling of sitting inside a race car but in the comfort of your own home or workspace make it a great ergonomic option. The gaming chair comes in breathable leather that is finished with race stripes to make it lively and the premium fabric makes it a good choice for an executive office chair as well. The Decoko has commendable functionality as it comes with freely adjustable lumbar support, an extended headrest attached with a cushion to support your neck and spinal region. The chair provides a seating area of length 19.8 inches and breadth 20.5 inches, the backrest measures 19.8 inches in length and 30.5 inches in breadth; the chair offers an adjustable height measuring between 16.1 inches and 20 inches, all this while supporting up to 300 pounds in weight. When purchased the box includes the gaming chair along with the installation tool and the installation instruction leaflet.


  • The Devoko is great value for money; it comes with many features that are hard to find in the same price range
  • The chair allows you to move in all direction with a 360-degree rotary base. The wheels on the chair are designed to be silent while rolling and made to avoid scratching the floor while moving freely
  • The chair is attached with a lock-tilt adjustment system which allows you to recline to any angle you wish for and it holds the chair in place. This is beneficial as it helps relieve the building of pressure on parts of your body while sitting for long durations either gaming or working.
  • Devoko provides a warranty with this product to help you make sure this chair is perfect for you. You can avail a free replacement or full refund within the first 30 days of your purchase if you are not happy with the quality of the product. After this period Devoko offers you free replacements for damaged or defective parts for a period of 6 months from the purchase
  • The lock-tilt function along with the height adjuster is made using pneumatic gas springs, using air to help you adjust your seat with comfort and ease
  • The PU leather material along with the ergonomic headrest and adjustable lumbar cushion gives you added comfort


  • The chair may not suit you if you’re significantly off the average height, being too tall may lead to difficulty in reaching the armrests, while being too short may compromise on stability
  • A lot of thought put into the comfort of your spinal region but no features provided for the region below the waistline
  • The lifespan of the chair is subject to usage with regard to sturdiness in the cushion or wheels

Bottom line:

The Devoko race style gaming chair offers you all the features essential for having great seating arrangements. For its low price it is quite impressive, not only in functionality but also in appearance, devoko have not compromised on the classiness of the design. The only drawbacks are in quality, this chair is a budget item considering all its applications and to fit all this in for that price means you have to compromise on the longevity of the chair.

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair – Ergonomic Swivel Computer, Office or Gaming Chair, Green

The essentials gaming chair comes in a race car seat style and provides aesthetic along with comfort, the combination of green and grey make the chair attractive while its ergonomic design provides the comfort you need for long gaming sessions and extended work days. This is a swivel chair allowing you to move around and it attached with contoured segmented padding, integrated padding on the headrest and padded arm rests; these extra cushions are a boon for the chairs comfort level.  The Essentials gaming chair is enabled with height adjustment features allowing you to sit at your optimal height and, a recline feature which allows you to adjust the angle at which you sit helping your spinal comfort. The chair’s upholstery is made out of soft thread leather along with a color contrasted colored mesh that adds to the style while having a cooling effect.  The chairs total dimensions measure 30.5 inches by 28.2 inches by 44.5 inches and weigh exactly 37 pounds making it light but able to support up to 250 pounds in weight on it at any moment.


·       The cushion padding on the armrest can be flipped up or down allowing you to function with efficiency. When the armrest is left down it provides upper body support and when flipped up it allows free movement if you ever need it.

·       The Essentials chair comes with the OFM limited lifetime warranty which may help you in case of damages or production errors

·       The chair is conveniently packed making it easy to unbox and also easy to assemble so you can be using the chair within moments of having received the product package

·       The price point is great for making it one of the cheapest chairs on the market for luxurious gaming and work setups

·       The appearance of the chair can be counted as an advantage is it caters to people of all demographics, the focus is on style in general and not for a niche audience and therefore this chair would impress regardless of age or gender


·       The chair does not come with an independent back adjustment feature; it only allows you to recline to one angle. This can be a problem as it does not allow various levels and not everyone will be happy with the fixed recline this chair has to offer.

·       The cylinder attached with the chair is of an average length, so if you have a desk that it higher than average the chair’s height may night be able to adjust enough for it

Bottom line:

This chair looks very classy due to the combination of color and fabric, it would certainly not take away from any room be it in your office, study or bedroom. The low price level is great, it would be difficult to find another luxury gaming chair that is as cheap as the essentials racing styled model. Not only is it cheap, it is also comfortable due to the ergonomic focus of the design. But the low price does result in fewer features on this chair when compared to other gaming chairs, yet one must remember that there will be a difference in the cost of the chairs. It is difficult to get better than the essentials gaming chair if your budget has led you to consider it.

Best Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair – How to choose the perfect one for yourself?

We are all used to chairs, for a long time now. Right from the lounge chairs in the balcony to the comfortable chairs in the office. It is these chairs that make your dreary day a bit relaxed. Designed for different uses, there is a lot of research along with scientific reasoning, in order to deliver a soothing perfect chair. Out of many factors, ergonomic plays the most crucial role. Ergonomics revolves around the study 0f people’s efficiency in their working environment. The corresponding design aspects depend purely on improving efficiency and also focuses on the long-term health impacts, both physically and psychologically. While being seated on the chair, relives your legs from long walks or hours of standing, it is equally harmful. Remaining seated in a particular position for long hours can cause many bad impacts on the body – right from neck and back pains to faster weight gain and stubborn fat especially around the waist.

If you are an ardent gamer, you would know the after effects of gaming marathons. So, the human factors and corresponding ergonomics have played a significant role in designing of gaming chairs. Ultimately, in order to provide a relaxed and amazing gaming time, these gaming chairs have conquered a substantial place in the priority list of any gamer.

Coming to the workaholics, their never-ending spell in front of screen and paperwork, keeps them stuck at a place. The irony in the revolving chairs in offices that they hardly move about to require wheels. Moreover, rising up to walk a little would do the body a favor and keep the laziness at bay.

Then comes the mysteriously talented individuals who are hardcore gamers with a workaholic tag. They are known to be stuck to their seats from 9-5 all day and return home to get on the virtual world. To invest in a good chair for both needs brings in a dilemma. As a gaming chair is very different from an office chair in all ways possible, here we are to help you choose.

Through this article, we hope to give in a clear and fair point of view on both of these – the most essential chairs – Gaming chair Vs Office chair.

Office Chairs

It is one of the most sought-after office essentials by almost everyone. Beyond doubt, it is ergonomically sound, to keep you focused and ensures that your back and spine is in the right healthy position. But it may lack a few adjustment options like the rocking mechanism or the arm rest adjustments. Also, it could be a little behind in terms of style and color. Most office chairs are in subtle colors like Black, Navy Blue, or different shades of blue.


1、Low cost

Since, office chairs are one of the most essential products for most of the population, to fit into everyone’s budget needs, it starts at a low price, as low as $30.

2、Designed for class and intricacy

Office chairs are designed to serve an elegant look suiting the office environment. They hold the responsibility of delivering sophistication and brilliance at the very first sight.

3、Comforting ergonomic design

Since office chairs play an important role in health, they are specially designed for those who spend a lot of time in front of their desks.


1、Lower the price, higher the health effects

While the chairs with prices on the lower side, you would find them lacking features that are essential to keep you comfortable for long periods. This results in discomfort within in 2-4 hours.  So if you are put up in a job that requires less sitting time, an office chair with a lower price tag can suffice the need.

2、Usually, there are less option for adjustments

Since the main focus is on the looks to impart elegance, this makes them less viable to comfort adjustments like arm rest adjusts or the head support. Most office chairs lack a head support, which again contributes to headaches.

3、The higher end versions are equally balanced by huge prices

The expensive models come with advanced features such as leather accessories and provide a higher visual appeal. They cost as high as $1000 and are mostly stocked by professionals with high profiles in the top companies.


A good office chair is a perfect choice for those who spend a lot of time in front of screens and paperwork, working for long hours. Also, if you are a less arduous gamer, who games once in a while to relax, this is a worthy investment.

Gaming Chairs

As long as you are a serious gamer, and spend loads of hours in a day, over a week gaming, you can never resort to an office chair. Given the comfort and mind-blowing features you can gain with a gaming chair, it is popular among most people nowadays. They are designed to suit the fun and excitement revolving around Gaming. They come in energetic colors and designs inspired by racing car models. This is hugely welcomed by the gaming audience.



They are mostly inspired by racing themes or the ones associated with trending and popular games. This attracts most of the gamers and sets in the right mood for gaming.

2、Comfort level is high

Widely used by the gamers, these chairs come with loads of features for adjustments. Most models come with headrests, and armrest level controls. This incorporates a comforting design for all kinds of people. Even for office related work, these chairs deliver a good long lasting relief.

3、Loads of features

Gaming chairs are renowned for their versatile features. They come with output and input jacks, motion sensors, built-in vibration, and integrated control panels apart from many other features. This is crucial to keep the game under your control and the sense of superiority with such a powerful seat is a feeling that cannot be expressed completely through words.


1、Higher cost

Loaded with a huge number of features, is equally weighted with the price. These chairs are beyond reach for low budgets and most people settle for office chairs fearing a hole in their pockets.

2、Less demand among people, when compared to office chairs

The number of gamers in the world is outnumbered by the office goers. There are a huge number of people whose budget is set to the minimum when looking for an appropriate chair. This directly contributes to the less demand for these versatile gaming thrones.

3、Looks are deceptive in a formal front

Since they are designed to attract a gaming feel, it is known to have a completely informal look. This is a setback since they cannot be used in a formal environment at any cost. This compromises on the multi-phase usability.


With gaming as the most famous hobby among youngsters, nowadays we need to prioritize on the health benefits as well. If you are an ardent gamer, getting yourself a good gaming chair is a gift to yourself. Consider the features you need along with the comfort, keeping in mind the budget you desire.

Switch office chairs into gaming chairs

In the world dominated by entrepreneurship, the companies nowadays conduct gaming sessions once a week as a trend. Along with team lunches and these gaming contests give a much-needed stress buster for the employees, thereby enhancing the office relationships and ultimately the productivity.